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How you can help

Become a silent angel for someone today! It is our mission to help spread awareness to help those who don’t have a meal or clothing or shelter or those who are in very unfortunate circumstances so no it doesn’t mean helping only the homeless. There are families out there who sometimes don’t have enough food to eat, who can’t afford to have a Thanksgiving meal, who can’t afford a decent toy for their kids at Xmas time e.t.c e.t.c.

Helping is not only giving money, we can help someone or a family in dire need in different ways, we can help by simply praying for someone or a family who needs it. Where giving is concerned it would depend on that person or family’s situation and needs. We might be able to donate food, clothing, household items e.t.c.

God’s example that the noblest undertaking a person can ever do is to help another person – no matter who he or she may be or what the job may entail. Friends, let us remember that no job is beneath us. Whether it is wiping away the tears of a child, feeding the homeless, or even taking out the garbage, it is our honor and privilege to help other people. The great praise of God can be our praise, too. When we humble ourselves before others, we rise to great heights in the eyes of God.

Where money is concerned, we are not accepting donations, that is not the purpose of this site. We very simply wish to encourage anyone to be a silent angel for someone in need “but without that person knowing about it” hence the word “Silent” Angel.

However, please note that we bear no responsibilities or accountabilities for anyone helping another person in any way!

Anyone wishing to help us spread awareness can simply call me [Mike 718-219-9733] or fill out the Contact form here , any feedback to help make our cause better will be welcomed so feel free to share, thank you and God bless!