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Welcome to our site.  There’s a Godly principle and commandment telling us we should love one another not just in our words but in our deeds. It’s for that reason the heart of this site is to spread awareness to help anyone in need in any way we can without accepting anything in return or letting the person being helped know that we are helping.

The name “silent angels” was given to me by divine inspiration.

Angels are God’s messengers, they help protect and minister to us; they also engage in battles; scripture states it this way:  Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! I remember an old saying….treat everyone with kindness and respect just as you would like to be treated….I think that scripture alludes to that quite well.

No, we don’t have wings, we’re just ordinary people who have a compassionate heart for others and for families who struggle in very desperate and unfortunate situations.  In whatever manner we can help, please note that there’s no obligation for repayment, meaning don’t expect even any personal thank you’s from anyone we should help as most of us will never meet the person or family being helped, hence the name  “silent” angels. However, if your desire is to get involved helping others, knowing from experience the desperation one feels when confronted with hardships, we welcome your participation, our only request is for a sincere compassionate heart, no other requirement.

Please note we are not an official 501c non-profit organization which explains why donations are not accepted. Instead, when someone in our network comes across a person or family in serious need or situation, we’ll ask our group, friends and relatives to offer help for that person or family through the person knowing the family in need.  Also note, we are not professional counselors; our goal is to offer quick immediate help if possible; however, if additional help is needed beyond our scope we’ll gladly offer alternative resources.  Lastly, prayers will always be lifted up for the person or family needing the help.

Should you desire to join up with us, please visit this page here for more info on how you can help, thank you and God bless!